Join Us!

Join Us!

(inspired with permission by Dr. Sarah Morrison-Smith, Barnard College)


We have open undergraduate (for course credit) and graduate (for research course credit, unpaid) students to join our group! No prior experience necessary. We look for students who demonstrate commitment, creativity, communication skills, and courage to learn something new.

Here are some steps you need to take:

  1. Send Dr. Benjamin Lok ( to set up a time to chat about your research interests, career goals, commitment to the lab (both in terms of hours per week and semester you plan on graduating). When contacting him via email for the first time, to show that you have read this page, please include the word “VERG” in your email title.
  2. Before you can begin doing research in the VERG Lab, you will need to complete the new student challenge and discuss it with Dr. Lok.

You must also meet the following expectations:

  1. Commit at least 9 hours per week to your research work (similar to how you would treat any other 3-credit course)
  2. Attend the Virtual Experiences Research Group meeting (9:30-10:30 AM Mondays) each week
  3. Strive to have your name on a submitted publication by the end of 2-3 semesters

Our goal is to help you succeed as a researcher, and the above are concrete steps to help you get there.


Is the position paid?

Most likely, you will be doing an independent study for credit at the start (1-2 semesters).

Does research happen all the time?

Yes, research does not stop in the summer! Most faculty are supposed the spend the majority of their time doing research – and a lot of that gets done during the summer. If you’re busy during the fall / spring semesters, please check back in the summer!

What’s in it for me?

Many undergraduate students have published peer-reviewed papers and / or presented at regional and national conferences. I want to help you succeed here and in the future!