Get Prepd

Get Prepd

Funded by the National Institutes of Health

VERG members: Shrishail Zalake, Stevie Carnell


  • GET PrEPD: Goal Elicitation, Treatment Prioritization, & Electronically-Practiced Discussion) to enhance patients’ ability to partner with their providers and effectively advocate for their own needs.
  • We are currently working on Get Prepd Psychiatry for patients with serious mental illnesses and on Get Prepd Pain for minority patients suffering from chronic pain.
  • The main goals for Get Prepd include Patient Activation and Shared
  • Decision Making(SDM).
    • Patient Activation-The Patient Activation Measure is a commercial product which assesses an individual’s knowledge, skill, and confidence for managing one’s health and healthcare
    • Shared Decision Making(SDM)-When SDM takes place, patients and providers share information, express preferences, discuss risks and uncertainties, and ultimately agree on a plan.


  • Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis(IUPUI) team: Jennifer Garabrant, Adam Hirsh, Michelle Salyers
  • Developers: Yuzhu Dong and Dusty Hunsaker

Our role as virtual agent researchers: Our team is developing a web application that features the virtual providers with whom patients can talk to.

Target Audience:

  • Patients with serious mental illnesses
  • Minority patients suffering from chronic pain

Our approach:

  • We are creating a virtual provider to help patients practice talking to their doctors. The virtual provider guides patients through a number of topics related to their current medical illnesses and potential questions they may have for their doctors.

Description of User Testing/ Evaluation, if any:

  • Get Prepd is still under development, but portions of it have been usability tested with a general audience on PlaybookUX. Check out one of our usability sessions below: