New Student Challenge

New Student Challenge

About the project:

Welcome! This assignment is not research in itself but is here to help us understand whether you are currently a good match.

Please do this assignment at your own pace and then set up a time to come to my office to share it. I would recommend creating a deadline of two weeks to complete this assignment.

1. Research: Read this research paper and write a short scholarly reflection (aim for 500-700 words). (2 hours maximum).
2. Development (estimated: 8 hours)
  1. Get familiar with Unity 3D, do a tutorial and build something of your choosing. You can find a number of example projects online.
  2. Create an Autodesk Education account using your email address. After creating an account, go here, login, and create a character.
  3. Export your character, and import it into Unity. You may need to install Maya which is free to download with your Autodesk Education account.
  4. Create a scene (of your choosing) and make the character able to move around in the scene. The characters do not contain animations – you will need to create them yourself.
  5. When you’re finished (2 weeks), please email Dr. Lok ( to set up an appointment to present your demo. Please look at the calendar on his webpage ( to identify a time adjacent to another UF-based meeting.

Best wishes! We look forward to seeing your project.