Chat with our Dysphagia Virtual Patients

Chat with our Dysphagia Virtual Patients

By working with speech pathology course instructors and students, our lab has created a number of virtual patient dysphagia cases that feature a variety of diagnoses, including a brainstem stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and Sjogren’s syndrome. Below are some of our most advanced dysphagia virtual patients. Please feel free to interact with them using the links provided.

Talk to Vinny Devito

Age 63

Vinny can answer 3,873 questions using his 375 responses.


Age 55

Marty can answer 2,806 questions using his 246 responses.


Age 65

Lilly can answer 1,424 questions using her 193 responses.


Age 38

Irene can answer 920 questions using her 145 responses.


Age 38

Monica can answer 2,061 questions using her 181 responses.

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