Augmented Reality Triage Simulation

Augmented Reality Triage Simulation

Augmented Reality Triage Simulation For Nurses in A Mass Casualty Event

Funded By: National Science Foundation

VERG Researchers: Jacob Stuart

Collaborators: Nursing instructors at the University of Central Florida and Communications professors at Stanford

Target Audience: Nursing students

Technology Used: Virtual People Factory (C#, Javascript), Unity, Holotoolkit

Description: The goal of this project is to help save lives by reducing the rate of over and under triage during a mass casualty incident. Mass casualty incidents can cause a rapid influx of patients in an ER leading to very chaotic situations for nurses. This project has developed a way to try and train these nurses in a similar environment to what they may experience in the field. The simulation consists of triaging 10 patients with various injuries and then afterward you can receive feedback on how you did.